30 Sep 2015

Mobile phone functionality has made it possible to do so much more.

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Tips for Starting a Successful Mobile Advertising Campaign 

As the global mobile advertising market moves to eclipse other digital ad venues in 2016 in terms of revenue, companies are scrambling to make sure their ad dollars are being spent as smartly as possible. According to a study by eMarketer, over 59% of digital search ad dollars will be spent on mobile devices by 2017. Want to make sure you’re optimizing mobile to its full potential as part of your digital strategy? Here’s a few tips for getting started to reach consumers where they really are: on their smartphones and tablets.

Know your audience  

Are your customers and potential customers using their mobile device to discover and research you, or are they going to be shopping right from your site? Companies who understand how their customers are are using their devices can design the optimal marketing strategy from the get go.

Choose the right format 

When it comes to mobile advertising, the number of options can sometimes seem overwhelming. But if you know your audience, the right options will become clear. For example, if your business has a wide social media reach, maybe native ads, such as promoted Facebook posts, are the way to go. If your target audience spends much of their time playing mobile games, then maybe in-game mobile ads are the way to go. Other ad options include banner ads, text message ads, and more.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Just like any marketing initiative, it’s important to build your mobile advertising strategy around your top objectives. Know what the key performance indicators (KPI) are before starting your mobile campaign. Do you want more shares and likes on social media, or is sales volume the only KPI that you care about? Other top KPIs include newsletter sign-ups, website click-throughs and tap-throughs, search volume, and coupon redemption. When you have your eyes on the prize from the very start, you’ll be able to track your mobile campaign’s effectiveness and spend more efficiently.