How To Streamline Marketing Operations In Small Marketing Departments

Is your small marketing department staffed to handle all of your business’ needs? If you answered yes then you’re probably not marketing as efficiently as you think. Here’s why. Generally speaking, your marketing department needs to do two things extremely well: Create– Come up with stories, special offers, information sessions or other types of content.. read more →

Facebook Unveils ‘Reactions,’ Emoji Buttons That Go Beyond ‘Like’: What the Buttons Mean for Brands

Reactions Will Offer Brands New Sentiment Feedback, But Won’t Impact Ad Distribution Yet Facebook can be an emotional place. A friends might post about giving birth to her first child, being stressed about her jobs or that jerk that stole her phone at the bar last night. Sometimes “liking” those posts doesn’t cut it. After.. read more →

Who’s Winning the Battle Between Paid and Earned Media?

360i CEO Sarah Hofstetter Weighs In On Ad Age’s Digital Crash Course There are two basic weapons in the battle for online attention: creativity and technology. Ever since the advent of the remote control, audiences have tried to banish ads, and ad blocking is making the battle between a marketer and its target audience even.. read more →

Mobile phone functionality has made it possible to do so much more.

Tips for Starting a Successful Mobile Advertising Campaign  As the global mobile advertising market moves to eclipse other digital ad venues in 2016 in terms of revenue, companies are scrambling to make sure their ad dollars are being spent as smartly as possible. According to a study by eMarketer, over 59% of digital search ad.. read more →